a word to the wise: if you let my barry/felicity sets get notes, i will continue to make them

iTunes Library Write Up


How many songs:  1253

Sort by song title:
First Song: The A Team - Boyce Avenue

Last Song: 1969 - Doctor Who OST

Sort by artist:
First Artist: Adam Lambert
Last Artist: Young The Giant

Sort by album:
First Album: The Adventures Of Bobby Ray (B.o.B)
Last Album: The 20/20 Experience (Justin Timberlake)

Top Three Most Played Songs: 

  1. End of the Line - Henry Jackman (CA:TWS OST)
  2. It’s Been A Long, Long Time - Henry James and his Orchestra
  3. Fox Dance - Brendan Maclean

Death:  Brothers on a Hotel Bed - Death Cab for Cutie
Life: Life in Color - OneRepublic
Love:  Cosmic Love - Florence and the Machine
Hate: A Certain Romance - Arctic Monkeys (??? idk tbh)
You: All About Your Heart - Mindy Gledhill
Sex: The Cloud Atlas Sextet for Orchestra - Cloud Atlas OST (god)



this is my favorite vine


Guys, I’m sure I have a reputation somewhere in this fandom: So what is it? Leave that in my ask box as I ponder over this.


scallisaac week ()

↳ au: allison is scott and isaac’s alpha in every sense of the word.

Mimy prompted: Best of Grant at SDCC 2014

Anonymously tell me your feelings for me.

It doesn’t have to be romantic (though if you did feel that way, it’d be perfectly fine). Just how you feel in general. I get curious of people’s impressions of me.

“Attention all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. This is Steve Rogers. You’ve heard a lot about me in the past few days. Some of you were even ordered to hunt me down. But I think it’s time you know the truth. S.H.I.E.L.D. is not what we though it was. It’s been taken over by Hydra. Alexander Pierce is their leader. The strike and insight crew work for Hydra as well. I don’t know how many more but I know they are in the building. They could be standing right next to you. They almost have what they want. Absolute control. They shot Nick Fury and it won’t end there. If you launch those helicarriers today Hydra will be able to kill anyone that stands in their way unless we stop them. I know I am asking a lot but the price of freedom is high… it always has been, and it’s a price I am willing to pay. And if I am the only one, so be it. But I am willing to be that I am not.”


if you wanna take the mbti test, i recommend this one bc its worded very simply

also a tip: answer based on what you naturally wanna do or what you naturally prefer, dont answer based on what youre forced to do

she offers you a hand, and
god, how you’ve wanted
to hold it for so long.
you take it, carefully,
you wait for her to hold on.

she does.


reasons why you should date me

  • i’ll make you a sandwich

  • i have amazing taste in music

  • i’m too ugly to cheat

  • i have no friends so i can spend lots of time with you

  • i have netflix


people who survive the summer with long hair are surviving the apocalypse 


i did an art swap with meledea and she asked for kira & malia for my not-very-punk-au :)

malia is wearing this beastie boys shirt :)